District: Donuts & Coffee Bar

5637 Magazine St. NOLA 70115

Everyday: 7am-4pm


We opened our second concept in December of 2014, District Hand Pie & Coffee Bar. We were a fourteen month old company hoping to grow our brand in our neighborhood. It went off with a bang. At the time, we were flexing our creative, culinary muscles in hopes of bringing our city more tasty food down the street that they hadn’t had at our District Donuts Sliders Brew model. Kouign Ammans, Breakfast Dumplings with sugared canadian bacon and a soft boiled egg inside, Beef Wellington hand pies with torched Foie Gras, Lemon Blueberry hand pies, to name a few. We have about thirty other breakfast and hand pie options we rotate through on a monthly basis.

As we have grown as young entrepreneurs, we have put a phrase at the center of our company growth, “Narrow the focus”. We’ve come to realize that for us, less is more. Our hope is to be our very best in everything we endeavor to do and sometimes that is tested when there is more than one iron in the fire. We focus so intensely on executing the best product, creating warm, inviting spaces, and being the most hospitable and kind people in our city. To do that exceedingly well, we have come to see that we must say “No” to many things.

We have fallen head over heels in love with the creation of District Donuts Sliders Brew. A concept that fills bellies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A concept that daily serves grandfathers taking grandkids for donuts, businessmen and women, college students and neighborhood friends. We have found it to add great value to the first neighborhood we planted in, the Lower Garden District. We hope to do the same in Lakeview later this month as we open another of the same concept.

Because we are so deeply committed to the model, we have asked ourselves how we can narrow the focus in our young company to ensure a tenacious commitment to grow this District model. As a result of this internal inspection, we have decided to align our young, successful District Hand Pie & Coffee Bar closer to our District Donuts Sliders Brew model. As of August 3, we will be transitioning District Hand Pie & Coffee Bar to a new concept, District Donut & Coffee Bar.

Our hope is to continue to serve the Uptown neighborhood on Magazine St. for the next many years and decades. Our coffee and espresso program will continue seamlessly, but we will be serving food items that are consistent with our growing model. We will incorporate savory Kolaches, Buttermilk Drops and Buttermilk Biscuits. Uptown will finally get the craved and requested donut selection that we serve at District Donuts Sliders Brew! We will also be serving a variety of savory, breakfast biscuits and we will continue serving our cinnamon rolls and cookies. We will no longer serve our hand pies and our current breakfast options.

I was visiting our location on Sunday, July 31, three days before the transition and sincerely felt deep sentimentality for our creation. I take my wife and children there for lunch nearly every Sunday after church. It has become a family treat and tradition. It’s always hard saying goodbye. Whether it’s to people, hobbies, seasons of life, dreams or cities. While I was in the shop, I was talking to one of our team members and she began to tear up while we were talking about how much we love this space and food. When you do work that matters, it matters if things change. We have attached so much love, generosity and care to our work. We make people smile in this space when we serve them food. We are deeply committed to caring for the neighborhoods we are in and I know that there will be friends who can no longer choose to buy food that they’ve come to love. We have friends that come see us every day, talk with us, eat a meal with us and head to work or play. We are sad that we can’t do that over the same product. Sometimes, there’s no replacement for that, even if we serve a different type of food. So on some level, we are sorry that we are changing. We have to say that.

We leave you with this piece of good news. We are more committed than ever to generosity, hospitality and deliciousness. Our brand isn’t going away. Our team loves this city and love the friends who visit us every day. Stephen, Julie and Daphne will be smiling and excited to see you on August 3, 2016. We aren’t going anywhere. The only difference is we will be smiling with donuts for you rather than hand pies. We can’t wait to watch this journey continue to unfold and we are so thankful that you guys and gals are a part of it. You make it worth waking up at 4:00am every morning to get our food ready for you. We can’t say how much we appreciate you coming to see us.

Cheers to the unexpected journey,

Aaron, Chris and Stephen